A work in progress event
Pre* is a program of exhibitions, live artwork and discussions that divulge and examine the supporting actions and processes, both physical and mental, involved in creative activity. Making public the ongoing decisions that form a body of work will offer an alternative to the showcase of completed projects and put the participant in the heart of the creative journey.
Monday 23rd April: 6 – 9
Opening and bar
Tuesday 24th April: 10 30 – 6
Wednesday 25th April: 10 30 – 5
On this day artist led thematic discussions will occur in the space. We welcome anyone to attend these who have an interest in the following subjects. Please feel free to bring any work or ideas you would like to discuss.
Site and Space: 1 – 2
Talking about work and concepts ranging from site specific to performance and anything inbetween.
Craft and Narrative: 2 – 3
A discussion about the nature of physical processes and the role of narrative within creative activity.
Maternal body: 3 – 4
Focusing on feminist topics and the representation of motherhood.
Thursday 26th April: 10 30 – 3